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We are a training community for men of God. We believe you have a mission, given by God and unique to you, that is as beautiful as it is dangerous, and as meaningful as it is costly.

Once you know it, there’s no going back. Once you know it, the real adventure begins.

We exist to help you figure out what that mission is, and go after it with your whole heart.

If that sounds like something you want, join us!


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We are a community of men committed to helping you get clear on who you really are as a man, the mission you're made to fulfill, and learn how to fulfill it in partnership with God. Just complete the form below to get on the mailing list. It's free. You'll get access to all the great trainings and events we offer, and connect with other men who are walking the same path.

After you join, here's your next step: Connect with the community. Learn from other like-minded men, and share your own stories and insights as well. Let's support one another on the quest to become the men God made us to be! Use the links below to join us online. And be sure to check our our signature training, The BraveHeart Intensive

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