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Image by Olga Iacovlenco
Go Wild...
Beauty. Adventure. Brotherhood.
And a little bit of danger...
There’s an unmistakable connection between the wilderness and a man’s soul,
though few of us get to experience it anymore.

Our lives get so noisy, so crowded, so full of distraction, it’s easy to forget

All the best things in life are wild and free.

Including your soul.

Image by Cy Lindberg
“I am losing precious days. I am degenerating into a machine for making money. I am learning nothing in this trivial world of men. I must break away and get out into the mountains and learn the news.
— John Muir 
It's time to return to the wilds...
At BraveHeart Men, we know the power of wilderness, of brotherhood, and the deep satisfaction that comes whenever the two are combined.  

That's why we love crafting experiences where men can get away from the daily grind
to experience the tonic of wildness in the company of other men.
Whether it's an adventure in the mountains, on the sea, along the rivers,
or in the wooded wilderness,

You know there’s something in your soul

that only wild places can heal.

Lagoon 50 01.png
Each man has only one genuine vocation, to find the way to himself...his task is to discover his own destiny...and live it out wholly and resolutely within himself. Everything else is only a would-be existence, an attempt at evasion, a flight back to the ideals of the masses, conformity, and fear of one's own inwardness.”
BraveHeart Excursions Currently in the Works:
Sailing the BVIs
Hiking the Colorado Wilderness
Fly Fishing in the High Country
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